HOA is Committed to Health Equity

HOA works with our patients, and community partners, to minimize barriers so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their highest level of health.

What is Health Equity?

According to Healthy People 2020, a national program set forth by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Health Equity is “The attainment of the highest level of health for all people.”

HOA strives to create equal opportunities for everyone. We aim to provide support that meets individuals where they are. Our goal is to help address avoidable inequalities,through community collaboration and referrals, to help equalize conditions for all. Access to nutritious food, safe housing, affordable transportation, and more, impacts health outcomes. Through patient and community partnerships, we help address these factors and minimize health disparities (or differences) throughout our community.

How does HOA promote Health Equity?

We have a full-time Health Equity Coordinator who works closely with patients to help minimize barriers to healthcare and overall well-being. Our Health Equity Coordinator has strong community connections and strives to empower patients. We may be able to foster community support in areas such as: 

Nutrition & Food Security * Transportation * Housing * Financial Strain

Social Isolation * Caregiver Support  

Advance Care Planning

Our Health Equity Coordinator also assists with Advance Care Planning to help you plan for the future. If you are ever unable to make decisions for yourself, Advance Care Planning ensures that your wishes will be known and respected. Advance Care Planning is encouraged for everyone, regardless of age or diagnosis. As part of the Advance Care Planning process, you may also complete legal documents, called Advance Directives that can give you, and your loved ones, peace of mind that your wishes are known.

If you would like more information, please contact HOA’s Health Equity Coordinator:

315-472-7504 Ext. 1349