Billing Insurance Information

For more information on HOA's billing policy, please consult the FAQ below.  If your question is not answered please feel free to call 315-234-2812 for any questions.


What is a co-pay and when do I need to pay it? 

A co-pay is a payment set by the insurance plan on a specific medical service to be paid at the time the service is rendered. Co-pays are fixed dollar amounts and typically do not apply to the out-of-pocket maximum (the collective amount in which must be satisfied to access 100 percent coverage for the remainder of the calendar year).


Why am I being charged more than one co-pay per visit?

Many insurance plans will apply more than one co-pay per day on services requiring co-pays. To determine if your plan does, you can reference your insurance benefits sheet given by our Intake Team or contact your insurance directly. If your insurance plan only allows one co-pay per day, per provider, please contact our Billing Department.


What is a co-insurance and when do I need to pay it?

Co-insurance is a percentage of the insurance’s allowed amount for a specific service, due after the claim has been processed. Co-insurances are typically applied after satisfying a deductible and apply to an annual out-of-pocket max.


What is a deductible and when do I need to pay it?

A deductible is the annual amount that must be paid out-of-pocket before the insurance will cover specific services. Typically, deductibles apply at the beginning of the calendar year and are due when you receive your statement.


Why am I being billed for an amount my secondary insurance should have paid?

The most common reason is that many secondary insurance plans do not cover the primary insurance’s annual deductible. Another reason could be that there is not a benefit for the particular service received. If you feel that your secondary insurance should have paid and has not, please contact our billing department. 


Which amount on my statement do I need to pay; the “total balance” or the “pay this amount”?

The amount specified next to “please pay this amount” is the amount due when the statement was received and is the only amount you should pay.


Where do I pay my bill? 

You can pay by phone at (315) 234-2812, through our billing portal, or in person at the office.


What are my options if I cannot afford to pay by bill? 

You may complete a Financial Application and return it to the office or please call the office and ask to speak with a Patient Advocate.


What is the maximum amount of time from the date of service that Hematology-Oncology Assoc. of CNY can bill the remaining balance after insurance has paid?

Under New York State Law, balances can be billed for as many as six years, however, if you are initially being billed for a date of service that occurred over a year ago please contact the Billing Department. There are multiple reasons why there can be long delays from the date of service to the time a bill is received for the balance. Often, the delays are attributed to insurance Contact Information.