Prostate Cancer with CyberKnife®

When prostate cancer is detected early, and the tumor is contained in the prostate, treatment is completely successful 95% of the time. Common treatments include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

At HOA we offer a sophisticated radiation delivery system, called CyberKnife®, that treats tumors in only 5 days instead of 45 days with conventional radiotherapy. As the only CyberKnife provider in a 150-mile radius from CNY, we accept patient inquiries about prostate cancer treatment even without a direct physician referral.

The videos below feature one of our patients answering common questions we receive. We hope you find them helpful.

To schedule a CyberKnife treatment consult, call (315) 472-7504.

With our non-surgical CyberKnife® Radiation Therapy:

  • there are no incisions, anesthesia, or hospital visits -- sophisticated computerization directs a robotic arm to deliver radiation only to the tumor, even if you move during treatment
  • there are fewer treatments -- CyberKnife's delivery of high-dose radiation with submillimeter accuracy drastically reduces treatments, typically 5 visits vs. 45 for conventional radiation
  • treatments are closer to home -- since treatments occur in our East Syracuse office just off Route 481, with free parking
  • you experience improved quality of life -- because precise radiation delivery minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissues, limiting side effects and visits.

Click here for more detailed information about CyberKnife® treatment for prostate cancer.

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