Cancer Genetics

Testing and Counseling Program:

Available to Everyone Concerned About Cancer Risk – Including Our Patients

Knowing your risk of cancer can help you and your medical team make better, more informed decisions about your healthcare. Medical management guidelines exist for individuals who have an increased risk for cancer to either reduce the risk of cancer or use screening methods to detect cancer at an early stage.

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Appointments are available at each location: East Syracuse, Syracuse, or Auburn


What is Cancer Genetics Testing?

Provided by our specifically trained staff, and covered by most insurance plans, Cancer Genetics Testing at HOACNY includes meeting with a Cancer Genetics Specialist, and providing a blood sample sent to a national genetics’ laboratory. These results may help your doctor to make decisions about treating your cancer (if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer) or show if you have a higher chance of developing certain types of cancer. Based on your results, our specialists can make recommendations to best manage your cancer risk. HOA’s physician champions for Cancer Genetics are Olga D. Kligerman. D.O., Anita Pudusseri, D.O. and Anthony J. Scalzo, M.D.

What is a Cancer Genetics Specialist?

At HOACNY, our cancer genetics specialists are oncology-certified nurse practitioners specifically trained in the science of hereditary cancer. They work with you to develop a comprehensive family-health history and risk assessment and can help you determine if testing will be beneficial in understanding your risk for developing cancer.

Who should receive Cancer Genetics Counseling and Testing?

Cancer Genetics is typically recommended for individuals who:

  • were diagnosed with cancer at a young age (younger than 50)
  • Have had more than one type of cancer
  • Have a rare cancer
  • Have a family member with a known gene mutation
  • Have a family with multiple cases of cancer

Follow this link for questions to determine if Cancer Genetics is right for you.

If you have already been diagnosed with cancer, our counselors can help determine if you have an increased risk of another type of cancer and whether family members are at risk.

How is this Cancer Genetics Testing better than an at-home kit?  

Our Cancer Genetics Program offers precise and comprehensive information you can trust and share with your healthcare team. Also, unlike an anonymous testing company, our Cancer Genetics Counselors can directly answer all your questions and offer medical care if cancer-risk monitoring is needed.

Will Cancer Genetics Testing have implications on my health, life, or disability insurance?

There are laws, such as the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), that protect patients from genetic discrimination. To learn more about these laws, please visit

What happens after I receive my results?

If a greater than average risk of cancer is found, there are several things you and your healthcare team can do to manage that risk:

  • You might be advised to have more frequent monitoring to help detect cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage and improve cancer survival.
  • Your healthcare professional may recommend preventive strategies, including risk-reducing medications or surgeries that may reduce your risk of developing cancer.
  • You and your healthcare team can make more informed decisions on your treatment options.
  • Test results can help your relatives learn more about the inherited risk and how it may affect them.