Radiation Oncology

Radiation therapy for cancer uses various forms of radiation to treat cancer safely and effectively. It works by damaging the genetic material within cancer cells. Once this happens, the cancer cells are not able to grow and spread. When these damaged cancer cells die, the body naturally removes them. Normal cells are also affected by radiation, but they can repair themselves in a way that cancer cells cannot. One of our specially trained radiation oncologists will develop a plan to deliver the best care.

Our HOACNY radiation oncologists include: Radiation Oncology Medical Director, Tracy E. Alpert, MD, Stefania Morbidini, MD, Shing Chin, MD and Kavitha M. Prezzano, MD,

To learn more information about radiation therapy, we recommend reading this comprehensive booklet from the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and/or viewing their patient education video explaining what to expect with radiation.

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