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REFERRAL FORM: Cancer Genetics/Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection

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 Cancer Genetics and Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Counseling & Testing Programs Available for All Your Patients



Of course, you are aware that knowing your patients’ cancer risks can help you make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

Did you also know:

 - Insurance companies have vastly expanded coverage of genetics testing, and

 - Oncology experts at HOACNY offer this service to support your goals for cancer prevention and risk reduction – for ALL your patients, not just those previously diagnosed.


How does this program work?
Cancer Genetics Testing at HOACNY includes your patient meeting with a Cancer Genetics Counselor and providing a blood sample that is sent to a national genetics’ laboratory. 

Counselors work with patients to develop a comprehensive family-health history and risk assessment and help them determine if testing will be beneficial in understanding their risk for developing cancer.

With each result, our team can make recommendations to best manage your patient’s cancer risk, and, with their permission, provide a copy of their report to you, as well as answer any questions you may have about the report.


Who are the HOACNY Cancer Genetics Counselors?
Our cancer genetics specialists are oncology-certified nurse practitioners are specifically trained in the science of hereditary cancer.


  Kim Conboy, FNP   Kristen Weiler, FNP
  Kim Conboy, FNP   Kristen Weiler, FNP


Who should receive Cancer Genetics Counseling and Testing?
Cancer Genetics is typically recommended for individuals who:

  • Were diagnosed with cancer at a young age (younger than 50)
  • Have had more than one type of cancer
  • Have a rare cancer
  • Have a family member with a known gene mutation
  • Have a family with multiple cases of cancer


At patients can answer questions to see if Cancer Genetics testing is right for them. And, we are happy to provide you with printed copies of that questionnaire to distribute to your patients. Just contact Kim Conboy at: or 315-472-7504 


Suggestion for explaining advantages of Cancer Genetics Testing at HOACNY vs. at-home kits
The HOACNY Cancer Genetics Program offers precise and comprehensive information patients can trust and share with you. Unlike an anonymous testing company, HOACNY Cancer Genetics Counselors can directly answer all their questions and offer medical care if cancer-risk monitoring is needed.


Will Cancer Genetics Testing have implications on my patient’s health, life, or disability insurance?
Laws like the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) protects patients from genetic discrimination. More information is available at


What happens after a patient receives results?
HOACNY’s Genetics Counselors review results with each patient and urge them to discuss those results with you. With their permission, we will directly send you a results report.

If a greater than average risk of cancer is found for your patient, HOACNY can help you:

  • provide frequent monitoring to help detect cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage and improve cancer survival.
  • recommend preventive strategies, including risk-reducing medications or surgeries that may reduce their risk
  • support your patient in making more informed decisions about their treatment options
  • provide information for the patient’s relatives to learn more about inherited risk and how it may affect them.


Can patients pay for cancer genetics testing without using insurance?

Patients can always choose to pay for Cancer Genetics Counseling privately, and the good news is that testing  fees have been significantly reduced over the last several years, with an average cost from a reputable lab ranging from about $250-$500.